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Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Accepting Nominations For 2008 01/26/08

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is currently accepting nominations for induction in the Class of 2008. Nominations will be accepted from the public and industry members through the nomination packet available as a free download from the ORMHOF web site, www.ormhof.org. ORMHOF is searching for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the development of off-road motorsports. Those who will be considered must have been involved in off-road motorsports for fifteen years or longer. Their contribution, or impact, might be as outstanding competitors, or as leaders in the recreational field who have helped shape the sport, or as pioneers in the industrial and technological development of off-road motorsports.

The 2007 Class of 8 inductees included Edo Ansaloni, Italian off-road competitor and innovator in the Pioneer: Advocate category, William A. Bryan, founder of the California Association of 4WD Clubs in the Recreation: Four Wheeling category, Gil George, fabricator, innovator, and Founder of Funco Motorsports in the Pioneer: Industry category, Sue Mead, in the Pioneer: Journalism category, and in the Competition: Off-Road Racing category were Dick Landfield, Founder of Enduro Racing, Walt Lott, Founder of HDRA, Mickey Thompson, a motorsports legend, and Frank, (Scoop) Vessels, multiple champion and business leader.

Nomination packets will be accepted by ORMHOF until March 15, 2008. The nominations will be reviewed by the Voting Committee in April. The 2008 Induction Ceremony will take place in August at ORMHOF’s home in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. If you have any questions after reviewing the Nomination Packet on the web page, please contact Executive Director, Bob Bower at [email protected]


The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has appointed Bob Bower as Executive Director. Bob has worked with ORMHOF for the past five years as a volunteer serving on the Board of Directors as the Vice Chairman, and as the Master of Ceremonies at the Annual Induction Ceremony.

Bob has a deep knowledge of the off-road world. Experience gained from a background of racing with winning teams, to working with industry leaders and as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Off-Road Expo, makes him a perfect fit for the task. He has served as a gifted story teller for the sport providing commentary for ESPN, Speedvision, and ESPN2, and as the host of Four Wheeler TV.

As Executive Director Bob is responsible for the administration and growth of ORMHOF. He is currently working on the development of a membership base and fundraising programs.


Richard Brown of Slidell, Louisiana has generously loaned his replica of the 1967 Meyers Manx #10 for display in the ORMHOF exhibit at the National Automobile Museum, (The Harrah Collection). Brown is an avid dune buggy historian and collector who thoroughly researched the construction of the original car. It is an authentic Meyers Manx recreated as an exact replica. Brown began this project in June of 2006 and completed it in September of 2007. Vic Wilson, Bruce Meyers, and Jim Chamberlain worked with him as technical advisors and recreated many of the specialized parts required for the build. With their help and expertise, Brown paid precise attention to historical detail in the fabrication of the vehicle.

The vehicle is an exact replica of the first place car at the inaugural Mexican 1000 Rally in 1967. Bruce Meyers of Meyers Manx designed the original vehicle for Vic Wilson, who built the original Manx with the assistance of Jim Chamberlain. Both Meyers and Wilson are 1978 Inductees into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Meyers found tremendous success in buggy design during the 1960s producing over 6,000 vehicles. The Manx utilized an existing Volkswagen frame, a practical and economical choice, with a fiber glass body Meyers created for the vehicle. Meyers knew the demands of driving in Baja very well and rigorously tested his vehicles there. On April 19, 1967 Meyers, in his Manx “Old Red”, along with co-driver Ted Mangels set the first four wheeled vehicle elapsed time record in their run down the Baja Peninsula from Tijuana to La Paz. That same spring the National Off-Road Racing Association, (NORRA), formed and made plans for the first official race down Baja, the Mexican 1000 Rally, held November 1, 1967. Meyers made certain that several Meyers Manx teams of took part in this first ever wheel to wheel off-road race from Tijuana to La Paz.

At this race Wilson drove his Meyers Manx #10 to an overall victory and record run in the elapsed time of 27 hours and 38 minutes with Mangels as his co-driver. In 1968 Wilson would go on to take the vehicle to win the Riverside Grand Prix and the Boulder, Colorado Jeepers Jamboree in the vehicle. Wilson sold the original vehicle and its current location is unknown.

If you have a vehicle of significant historic importance related to the development of off-road motorsports that you would be interested in putting on display in the Hall of Fame, please contact ORMHOF Executive Director, Bob Bower at [email protected], or Project Manager, Susan Medville at [email protected]


Reno, NV – May 23, 2007: On Tuesday, April 24th, 2007, the voting committee for the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) gathered to consider 2007 nominations for inductees into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. ORMHOF is located in Gallery Four at the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) in Reno, Nevada. A group of 15 voting committee members consisting of previous inductees and representatives from the Four-Wheeling Community, Off-Road Racing Organizations, Rally Racing Sanctioning Groups, Motorcycle Manufacturing and Off-Road Aftermarket Industries met for the entire day and ultimately voted to induct eight (8) new members to ORMHOF’s Class of 2007.

Edo Ansaloni:

This year’s inductee in the Pioneer: Advocate category, Edo Ansaloni grew up on his father’s farm, in northern Italy, where he learned about cars salvaging and converting military vehicles, for use as farm equipment during World War II. Born in Bologna in 1925, Edo quickly developed an appreciation of the 4X4 capabilities of the Jeep ‘MB’ and became a collector and off-road enthusiast in and around Bologna where he gathered a number of followers during the early years after the war. In 1969, Edo co-founded the “Club Nazionale Fouristrada” (national off road club), Italy’s first 4-wheeling club. In May of 1970 he won the first organized off-road race in Italy, on a modified motocross track in Monterenzio. In 1971 he won the first ‘International Trophy” and in the years to follow would participate in almost 100 Italian and European off-road championship events. Edo Ansaloni is a national treasure in Italy; an innovator, an organizer, a competitor known throughout his country for his dedication to the discovery and love of off-roading in Italy.

William A. (Bill) Bryan:

In the Recreation: Four Wheeling category, our next inductee to the ORMHOF class of 2007 is Bill Bryan, a pioneer in four wheeling and off-road racing dating back to the late 50’s. During that time, Bryan served as Secretary/Treasurer of the Indio Volunteer Fireman’s Club, a founding member club of the California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs. In 1960, Bill formed the Al Jamal Four-Wheel Drive Club of Indio. Bill served as Chairman of 4WD events for 20 years and actively led the committee that organized the annual Indio Sidewinder Cruise, a popular trail ride through the desert. About the time Bill formed the Indio 4WD Club he became friends with mystery writer Earle Stanley Gardner. Together they traveled the deserts of California and Mexico, co-writing a number of articles about off-roading for magazines such as Popular Science and Ford Times. He was a founding member of the National Four-Wheel Drive Association, serving as a director for five years. Although the National Four-Wheel Drive Association would eventually fold, two of the founding members went on to establish the United Four-Wheel Drive Association, which has grown to become the largest group of 4WD enthusiasts in North America.

Gilmon (Gil) George:

This year’s inductee to the Pioneer: Industry category is Rialto, California resident, Gil George. In 1967, Gil George began fabricating tube framed buggy chassis for the fledgling sport of off-road racing. He called his company Funco, short for “Fun Company”. Over the course of the next 15 years, George’s Funco chassis was the dominant force in desert racing, winning the coveted title of SCORE Chassis Manufacturer of the Year five times. Along the way Funco introduced innovations for buggies such as long travel rear suspensions, the first independent rear suspension, the first disc brake systems and developed the “Char-Lynn’ power steering system for buggies. In the early 90’s Gil partnered with son Grant to create the “Big 5” Buggy, which is one of the best handling vehicles in the sand car market, today. A true family business, there are three generations of the George family in the shop every day working with Gil on what has become the entire family passion. For Gil, it has never been about the money. Whether he is in the shop welding, at home with a scratch pad designing a new steering box or chassis, or out playing in the dunes with the family, he is always thinking about how to make off-road machines faster, better or safer.

Richard (Dick) Landfield:

Our first inductee in this year’s Competition: Off-Road Racing category is Dick Landfield, whose wisdom and guidance has been instrumental in making the sport what it is today. A Ford dealer in Yorba Linda, California, Landfield began his off-road racing career driving a Ford Bronco with Irv Hanks in the 1968 NORRA Baja 500. He fell in love with the challenge of off-road racing and the following year, started Enduro Racing, which has been a major force in the desert for many years. In 1972 Landfield was one of the founding members of the “First Association of Independent Racers” (F.A.I.R.), the oldest and largest independent pit support team in off-road racing today. Landfield’s Enduro Racing competed in the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series for 10 years beginning in 1979 and in 1980 talked Thompson into starting the Annual SCORE Show on a bet. In 1986, Dick retired from driving and continued on as team owner, hiring Dave Ashley as Enduro Racing’s driver and team manager. In 1991, he developed the idea for the sport’s first multi-truck team, the Rough Riders, and convinced Ford Motor Company to sponsor and campaign the team, which included Enduro Racing, Simon & Simon Racing, Stroppe Racing, Spirit Racing, Swift Motorsports and Venable Racing, all top Ford teams. Over the course of forty years, Dick Landfield has used the knowledge and influence that he earned from business and racing to help drivers, teams, promoters, sponsors and organizations at every level, achieve their goals and promote the sport.

Walter B. Lott:

The second inductee in the Competition: Off-Road Racing category, Walt Lott, is one of the founding fathers of off-road racing. A man of great vision, perhaps his single, most important contribution was his dream and successful effort to extend off-road racing beyond the regional level and gain “greater national recognition and corporate involvement” through sponsorships and, ultimately, television coverage. In July of 1969 Walt joined with a group of friends and founded the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts (SNORE), a non-profit association of off-road racers who have organized races in the southern Nevada area for the past 38 years. Walt served as President of SNORE in 1973 and again an 1975 and also served as the chief race steward and eventually organizer for Del Webb’s Mint 400 Desert Race (1971-1988), which grew into the richest, largest and most successful off-road race in the country. In 1976 he founded the High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) and promoted a half dozen races each year around the southwest. In 1985, Walt joined with Sal Fish to combine the HDRA series (four events) and the SCORE International series (4 events) to create one major points series competing under one set of rules. The HDRA/SCORE Desert Series brought increased entries and sponsorships to both organizations and made it possible for Walt to realize hi dream.

Sue Mead:

The only 2007 Inductee in the Pioneer: Journalism Category, Sue Mead began her automotive career in 1988 as a free-lance evaluator for Four-Wheeler Magazine, on the first team that included women as test drivers. She immediately became hooked on four-wheeling and the places it took her. Over the next few years Mead developed relationships with all of the leading 4WD publications in the US and then began to work with the mainstream press writing columns, such as “Get off the Road”, a syndicated newspaper column, gaining a reputation as a woman who understood and could write about 4WD vehicles. Mead’s goals were not only to learn about and participate in 4WD events, but also to write about the fun and adventure of four-wheeling and inspire others to participate and to promote safe technical driving and responsible use of the backcountry. She also served a 3-year term on the board of directors of Tread Lightly! Mead has been a participant in four Camel Trophy events, the Baja 1000 six times, twice as a driver and competed with Darren Skilton in the 2000 Dakar Rally. She has written about her adventures and extreme four-wheeling for publications around the globe focusing considerable attention on the world of off-road motorsports. Today, Mead travels the world test-driving vehicles and working as a photojournalist/feature writer for more than 100 publications. She has been four wheeling in 36 countries during the past 19 years and has accumulated enough off-road miles to have circumnavigated the world in the dirt. It has become her professional and personal passion.

Mickey Thompson:

The third Inductee in the Competition: Off-Road Racing Category, is Mickey Thompson a man who needs no introduction for his accomplishments in off-road racing. He made a major impact as a car builder, designer, innovator, driver and race organizer. He founded SCORE International in 1973 and the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG) in 1979. From his fist day in the “dirt” he fell in love with the sport and his presence in racing, no doubt because of his fame in other forms of racing, made an impact. He was full of ideas and a master at selling his ideas to others, in large part because of the enthusiasm and energy he brought with him. To this day his developments in tire, shock and suspension design are still visible in the sport of off-road racing. Certainly his achievements in the organization and rulebooks of the sanctioning bodies are still evident. However, probably his most important impact on the sport and the people in it, was his ability to sell the concept. Whether it was to sponsors, racers, spectators or television executives, Mickey was a master salesman. What he achieved for the sport from the early days of bouncing through Baja with nearly no sponsorship and no notice from the rest of the world was to build a lucrative industry with many success stories, millions of fans and many more millions of dollars invested by sponsors to market their products to the many enthusiasts that have been introduced to the sport…in large part through the efforts of Mickey Thompson.

Frank “Scoop” Vessels:

Our final inductee for 2007 and the fourth Inductee in the Competition: Off-Road Racing Category, Frank Vessels, enjoyed a successful career in off-road racing that spanned three decades and included 30 major race victories and four Points Championships. In 1972 Scoop was SCORE’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ and was honored as SCORE’s ‘Offroadsman of the Year’ in 1978. However, driving was just a part of Vessel’s many contributions to the sport. He always worked to help the sport develop a broader audience and to grow into the public mainstream. His 1980 SCORE Baja 1000 win, which was featured on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, was a part of that effort. Through his involvement with the “American Thunder” program, Scoop brought his long-time relationship with BFGoodrich into an alliance with Chevrolet and Mobile Oil. Not only did the resulting media machine represent his program on and off the track but it’s success motivated other companies and drivers to model their off-road racing programs in similar fashion. Scoop is one of the true pioneers who helped take the sport from it’s infancy into the modern era of corporate support and wide audience recognition.

The 2007 ORMHOF Induction ceremony will be held at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, located in Gallery Four of the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, August 25. For more information about ORMHOF visit www.ormhof.org.

For Information Contact:
George R. Thompson
ORMHOF Board Secretary
[email protected]

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Inducts Five New Members 09/01/06
August 26, 2006
The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inducts five new members at the National Automobile Museum, (The Harrah Collection), located in Reno, Nevada, at its annual induction ceremony. Over 250 members of the off-road community including friends, family, and press, attended the ceremony to honor the inductees, all who have helped shape the history of off-roading. The nominations, which were submitted through a variety of groups, associations, sanctioning bodies, and event promoters from off-road motorsports throughout the U.S.. They were reviewed by a voting committee, which included, members from off-road racing, four-wheeling, rally and sand sports.

The five new inductees into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame for 2006 are: Clark Collins, Sal Fish, Bob Ham, Macey L. “Corky” McMillin, and Ivan “The Ironman” Stewart. These fvie men joined the 34 previous inductees in an elite group of individuals who have shaped the history of off-roading be it through racing, land use advocacy, promotion, or innovation over the past 30 years.

The celebration began with a casual party sponsored by BFGoodrich to celebrate the arrival of Scoop Vessels' legendary F-150 Class 8 Desert Racing Ford. The truck, meticulously restored, is on loan and on display at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. Attendees enjoyed viewing the vehicle as well as the other significant vehicles on display such as the McMillin MID-1 and the Hall Hummer which competed in the Paris Dakar Rally. The group also got a sneak peak at ORMHOF’s new Inductee Wall, featuring the photographs of each of the inductees and a computerized kiosk where a full biography of each individual could be accessed.

The celebration continued as invitees to the Induction Ceremony began arriving in their black tie attire. Past inductees present included Brian Chuchua, Walker Evans, Rod Hall, Mark Smith, Ed Waldheim and Vic Wilson. Master of Ceremony and ORMHOF Vice Chair, Bob Bower started the ceremony by warmly welcoming the crowd and bringing them up to date on the progress of the Hall of Fame. Todd Steen of BFGoodrich spoke about the importance of the Hall of Fame to the off-road community. Mr. Bower introduced a special presenter for each of the inductees who spoke about their contributions. Each speech was followed by a moving short film about the individual. Each inductee present received a commemorative bottle of wine labeled specifically for the occasion. Mr. Collins could not be present due to previous commitments. Mr. McMillin’s sons Mark and Scott McMillin accepted the award in their father’s memory. The McMillins came out in force with almost their entire racing family present, a true demonstration of the strong bonds within the off-road community. One very special commemorative bottle of wine was signed by all of the inductees present and auctioned off at the end of the evening, with the proceeds being directed to future improvements to the Hall of Fame’s exhibits.

Reno, NV - May 19, 2006: On Monday, April 16th, 2006, the voting committee for the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame gathered to consider 2006 nominations for inductees into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF). A group of 17 voting committee members consisting of previous inductees and representatives from the Four-Wheeling Community, Off-Road Racing Organizations, Rally Racing Sanctioning Groups, Motorcycle Manufacturing and Off-Road Aftermarket Industries met for the entire day and ultimately voted to induct five (5) new members to ORMHOF's Class of 2006.

Clark Collins:
One of two inductees in the Pioneer: Advocate category, Pocatello, Idaho's Clark Collins was an avid trail rider, joining the Idaho Trail Machine Association (ITMA) in the early eighties. In 1986 Clark was honored as the ITMA's 'Trailbike Rider of the Year' and served as that groups president several times.
It was in this capacity that Clark met with Idaho Governor, John Evans, to enlist his assistance in opposing the increasing closure of public lands to off-highway users. Evans told Clark that he and his friends were "politically insignificant". Although the comment took Clark by surprise, it made him realize that the off-road community had to do something to become more politically active. In 1987 Clark co-founded the Blue Ribbon Coalition and served as the BRC's Executive Director from 1988 until his retirement in January of 2006. During that time the BRC has grown to include over 1100 member organizations and businesses nationwide representing approximately 600,000 off-roaders. The group successfully opposed Governor Evan's campaign for Senator in 1988 and has been instrumental in supporting important legislation to keep off-highway areas accessible to OHV use.

Sal Fish:
In the Competition: Off-Road Racing category, our next inductee to the ORMHOF class of 2006 is Sal Fish, President and CEO of SCORE International. After a stint in the family automotive business, Fish took a job selling advertising at Petersen Publishing Company in 1966. In the space of a few years, he worked his way into an executive role at Petersen and in 1974, shortly after the late Mickey Thompson founded SCORE International, Thompson brought Fish on board to take over the operations of the new sanctioning body. Fish brought innovation to SCORE, organizing class rules, implementing safety procedures, and transforming the 'Baja 1000' into one of the most recognized motorsports events in the world today. In 1985 Fish brought unity to the sport when SCORE formed a combined series with Walt Lott and High Desert Racing Association (HDRA). Fish later teamed up with CFO, Ted Johnson to purchase SCORE International from Thompson in 1986 and HDRA in 1993. There is little doubt that Sal Fish is the architect of off-road racing as we know it today.

Bob Ham:
Our second inductee to the Pioneer: Advocate category is San Felipe, Mexico resident, Bob Ham. A lobbyist and off-roader, Ham has served virtually every segment of the sport for years with uncommon effectiveness. Passing the time with Ham on the Malecon, in San Felipe, enjoying a glass of Chablis and a fine cigar, it's easy to forget how much this man has accomplished over the years. Ham was the cofounder of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) in 1969 and in 1983 created the Off Road Vehicle Legislative Coalition that united all California off-road organizations into a single lobbying effort. Ham worked with Interior Secretary, James Watt's staff to successfully re-establish the Barstow to Vegas motorcycle race and has finished the 'Baja 1000' on three separate occasions as a Driver of Record. Ham has worked as a lobbyist for the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), The Specialty Vehicle Industry Council (SVIA) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation among many others. He created the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission through a bill that he wrote in 1982. He changed the OHV Special fund to a "Trust Fund" in 1993 which put a stop to the legislature misappropriating money from OHV funds to balance state budgets. Later he contacted an attorney to force the state to return funds previously taken from the OHV fund which resulted in the return of 30 million dollars to the OHV program. The next time you fire up that race car, motorcycle, ATV, RV or 4WD, remember that Bob Ham is one of those special people whose life-long efforts have made it possible for you to enjoy our wilderness areas.

Macey L. "Corky" McMillin:
The second inductee in the Competition: Off-Road Racing category is Macey L. "Corky" McMillin known simply as "Corky". Corky moved from Missouri to Chula Vista when he was 14 and started a small construction company in Bonita, California in 1960, with his wife, Vonnie looking after the accounting duties. While McMillin was busy building houses, he loved taking his family to the Imperial Sand Dunes on the weekends. As sons Mark and Scott got older, McMillin decided that they would try their hand at off-road racing. His first venture into a competitive event came at the 1976 'Baja 1000' with his son, Mark. Although the father-son team did not finish that first race, Corky kept after it and his first win came in the 1979 'Baja 1000'. McMillin went on to win many more races including the 'Baja 500', 'Baja 1000', 'Parker 400', 'San Felipe 250 and 'Fireworks 250', most of them multiple times.
Over the years McMillin won three SCORE Points Championships and on two occasions won overall titles at both the 'San Felipe 250' and the 'Baja 500'. As the McMillin Companies continued to prosper, Corky expanded into different markets, eventually becoming one of the largest private developers in the country. Always a firm believer in the importance of supporting off-road racing, The McMillin Companies have been event sponsors at Best in the Desert and SCORE races, earning SCORE's Entry Sponsor of the Year award in 2005. Since 2001 The McMillin Companies have also been title sponsor of the Superstition Series, a local series of off-road races held in Plaster City, East of San Diego.
Corky McMillin once said, "The best thing we have isn't our money in the bank, it's our reputation." He was the elder statesman of off-road racing. Corky passed away from heart failure on September 22, 2005 at the age of 76. His passing leaves a void in the heart of off-road motorsports which cannot be filled. We are honored to induct him into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame!

Ivan "Ironman" Stewart:
The third inductee in the Competition: Off-Road Racing category, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart is a legend in off-road racing. Stewart has won 82 major desert and short-course races and ten Points Championships. He has won the 'Baja 500' a record 17 times, the 'Mint 400 eight times, the 'Parker 400' four times, three 'Baja 1000's and four SCORE World Championships.
Stewart's career began in 1973 at the Ensenada 300. He was scheduled to co-drive in a Class 2 buggy with Bill Hrynko, but Hrynko suffered a broken leg prior to the event. Mechanic Earl Stah took the second seat and Stewart drove the entire race to victory. In the next ten years, the Ironman went on to win 26 races in buggies and trucks and was voted SCORE's Driver of the Year four different times. In 1983 Stewart was tapped by Cal Wells at Precision Preparation Inc. (PPI) to drive Toyota factory sponsored trucks in the Desert and Stadium events. Stewart and several other teammates played an important role in Toyota's dominance during the 12 year history of the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG) stadium series. Along with Stewart's three Driver's Championships, the Ironman also holds the record for all-time MTEG wins with 17.
In addition to his on-track career, Stewart is the founder of the Protruck Racing Organization (PRO). A "spec" racing series with identical chassis, the Protrucks race as a special class at various events, including the Best in the Desert Racing Association, the SCORE series and Pike's Peak. To date Protruck has built 45 trucks in it's ten year history.

The 2006 ORMHOF Induction ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, located in Gallery Four of the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, August 26.
For Information Contact:
George R. Thompson ORMHOF Board Secretary [email protected]

McMillin Class 1 Vehicle on Display 05/12/06
Come See the McMillin Class 1 Vehicle on Display at Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame!

The family of Corky McMillin recently loaned a Class 1 MID Desert Race Vehicle to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. The vehicle and a display case housing McMillin’s racing suit, helmet, and trophies can be viewed at the Hall of Fame. Also on display is an action packed commemorative video featuring McMillin family racing through the deserts of the Southwest and Baja California, Mexico.

McMillin had been considered one of the elder statesmen of off-road racing. He found great success and personal satisfaction racing off-road in the unlimited class. The vehicle on display demonstrates the high level of innovation necessary to compete in the division.

The 2003 McMillin MID 1 on display is the second of two built in this design by Chenowth Racing Products for the McMillin family. They built the original vehicle in 1990 utilizing concept drawings of a mid-engine Porsche. The original vehicle was one of the first of its era to run a mid-engine. In the late 1990s the vehicle underwent modifications including a chassis reconfiguration and the addition of a Ford V-6 engine. McMillin raced the original vehicle from 1990 until 2002. In 2002 McMillin destroyed the vehicle in a crash during the Baja 1000. The loss of that great race car generated the creation of a new race car. One that would advance the state of the art. That race car is the MID 1 on display. Building the new MID 1 gave the opportunity for additional modifications such as the installation of taller tires to utilize an advanced A-Arm suspension, the use of a Chevy Rancho Drivetrain, and the installation of the sophisticated MID 1 Racing Transaxle. The transaxle provided the vehicle with the ability to put more power to the ground and met the demands of the hostile environment experienced in off-road racing. The new technology worked very well and the vehicle completed the 2003 racing season with flying colors.


January 20, 2006

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) is in the process of updating and improving its exhibit located at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, NV. The organization has recently hired Susan Medville as its Project Manager. Medville is experienced in Museum Development and as a Curator. She will be overseeing the modifications to the current exhibit. To differentiate the Hall of Fame from the rest of the items on display in the exhibit hall new signage announcing the visitors’ entry into the Hall of Fame will be hung. A new exhibit will be installed featuring portraits of each of the inductees. Improvements will include new informational signage for each of the vehicles on display. The Hall of Fame is also working towards the development of an interactive portion of its exhibit where the public can learn more about each of the inductees and follow a time line of the sport. Within the next six months the Hall of Fame plans to have an updated web site where visitors can visit a virtual ORMHOF online and gain access to information about each of the inductees.

To learn more about ORMHOF’s upcoming plans please contact:
Bob Bower- Vice Chairman 949.859.9126
Rod Hall – Chairman 775.742.1503

RENO, NV (July 7, 2005) – The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame located in Reno, Nevada recently inducted six new members from the sport of off-road motorsports at its annual induction ceremony at the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) in Reno on Saturday, June 25, 2005. The nominations, which were submitted through a variety of groups, associations, sanctioning bodies, and event promoters from the off-road community throughout the U.S., were reviewed by a voting committee, which included members from off-road racing, four-wheeling, rally and sand sports. The six new inductees into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame for 2005 include:

Rodney A. Hall of Reno, Nevada: Off-Road Racing.
In a sport where a few major event wins can define a successful racing career, no one even comes close to Rod Hall. Ten-time winner of the Mint 400, ten-time winner of the Parker 400, twelve-time winner of the Fireworks 250, twelve-time winner of the Baja 500 and the only 17-time winner of the internationally recognized Baja 1000. Over the course of his racing career, Hall has won 14 major class points championships in production 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. In 1969, Hall was hired as a driver for Bill Stroppe. After winning numerous races for Stroppe and Ford, Hall switched to Dodge in 1975 when Stroppe entered into an agreement to manage their off-road program. The team had moderate success in the production 4WD Dodge during the first year, but in 1977, Hall, along with his long-time friend and co-rider, Jim Fricker began a winning streak that lasted into the next decade driving the Class 4 Dodge to an unbroken string of 37 consecutive SCORE and HDRA victories, a record that remains in tact to this day. With more than 160 major off-roading racing victories, spanning five decades, across four continents, Rod Hall is the most successful driver in off-road racing history.

Scott McKenzie of Agua Dulce, Calif: Industry Pioneer.
Among many things, Scott McKenzie was one of the finest fabricators, team owners and innovators in off-road and sand drag racing history. Driving Sandmaster vehicles which he designed and fabricated, he won 108 sand drag hill climbs during the 60’s before retiring as a driver and turning his attention to the design and construction of successful racecars. Some of McKenzie’s early innovations were the first rear engined VW powered sand buggy, the first single seat buggy and the first use of turning brakes on a buggy. He built his own engines, as well as producing the first large displacement VW motors for performance use in the early 60’s. The evolution from sand racing to desert racing was a natural one and off-road racing is where McKenzie set a standard for others to follow. With the cars he designed and built, first with his Sandmaster brand and later, as McKenzie Automotive, his drivers dominated the sport. Five Mint 400 overall wins in a row and nine Baja 1000 overall wins are just some of his many racing victories. The cars that McKenzie produced all had one thing that set them apart: reliability. Having a good car is only part of the combination and Scott had some of the best drivers on his teams to back up his technical work. Bobby Ferro, Rick James, Gene Hirst, Johnny Johnson, Rick and Roger Mears, Ivan Stewart, Malcolm Smith, Bud Feldkamp and even Parnelli Jones drove Scott’s cars to numerous victories.

Akton (Ak) Miller of Whittier, Calif.: Off-Road Racing.
Ak Miller is a legend among racers. Ak’s accomplished about everything a racer wants to do. He has set records on the dry lakes, Bonneville Salt Flats, Pikes Peak Hill Climb and road races in Italy and Mexico. He was a member of the Roadrunners, one of the original car clubs that absorbed the remnants of the Muroc Timing Association and formed it into the fabled SCTA (Southern California Timing Association). He was elected president of the SCTA and served as Vice President of the newly formed NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) with close friend and fellow Roadrunner, Wally Parks. When turbocharging was ready for mass production, Ak was pioneering its attributes. An early pioneer, innovator and proponent of propane fuel, he held patents on turbocharging designs and propane carburetion. He built several trucks which he entered in the NORRA Mexican 1000 during 1967-1969, winning his class in 1967 in a 2-WD Ford Ranchero. He also designed and built hot rod sports cars that dominated Pikes Peak during the 60’s, winning the storied hill climb nine times with Ray Brock as his crew member.

Larry Minor of San Jacinto, Calif.: Sand Sports.
As a member of the Hemet Jeep Club since 1961, Larry Minor became interested in competitive San Drag racing and in 1963 he won the Butter Cup Meet driving a Chevy 409 powered Jeep. In the year that followed, Minor won numerous top eliminator titles at Pismo Dunes; Bakersfield; Fallon, Nevada; Glamis Dunes and San Jacinto, Calif. In 1965, the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, which made the rules for four-wheel racing, introduced a new set of rules that restricted engine sizes. Working with Harry Buchert, a CA4WDC board member, Minor succeeded in gaining approval for an unlimited 4WD class and in 1966 he built the first fiberglass four-wheel drive competition Jeep. Named “Flower Power,” the new Jeep was powered by a 350 cubic inch small block Chevy powerplant with a 6-71 blower to help it breath. Using a nitro methane fuel mixture for the first time in 4WD competition, Minor went on to win numerous competition events with this famous Jeep. He had Sand Drag legend, Herman Bouy, build rear engined dragster and funny car frames and using top fuel 500 cubic inch aluminum Hemis in the sand diggers, dominated unlimited sand racing well into the 1970’s. In 1967 Minor teamed with Rod Hall to win the first NORRA Mexican 1000. This remains the only 4WD vehicle to ever win the race, overall.

Roy Spuhler of Georgetown, Calif.: Recreational Four-Wheeling.
Roy Spuhler’s involvement with off-roading began in 1959 with the purchase of his first beach buggy. This began a period of almost weekly trips out to the Oso Flaco Dunes on the central California coast with his family. In 1963, he bought his first Jeep, a CJ2-A and in the spring of 1964 he became one of the founding members of the Santa Maria 4-Wheelers. In 1964, Spuhler bought a blue Jeep CJ-6 that became his trademark for many years. Following a fatal crash in the dunes in the early 60’s, Spuhler spearheaded the efforts to form the Sand Dunes Safety Committee. In addition to organizing a program whereby all vehicles would be required to have a flag so a vehicle could be seen coming over a hill, he also spend weekends marking and flagging routes in the dunes so that off-road enthusiasts would not get lost. With so many people using the dunes in the late 60’s and on into the 70’s, Spuhler began hauling port-a-poties out to the dunes for the events and then he hauled them out afterwards. The crowds at the dunes continued to swell and Spuhler began spending days and nights attending meetings to help develop guidelines for the proper usage of the dunes and determining just how the local Pismo State Park was going to manage the dunes. Spuhler joined the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs when the Santa Maria 4-Wheelers club was created in 1964 and worked on many events and committees until his age simply would not permit him to keep going.

Edward Waldheim of California City, Calif.: Pioneer Advocate.
Waldheim has been riding and racing motorcycles since the early 70’s. He formed the Clean Sweep Racing Team in 1976 and was the 1977 Desert Open Senior champion. He won over 30 trophies racing with D.R.A., C.R.C., and AMA District 37. He has raced the Check Chase, The California City Gran Prix, and at Adelanto, Riverside and other events. He is a former member of the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission and because of his vast background on OHV issues, he was recently appointed to the Commission again. In this recent difficult time, he has forged working relationships with all commissioners and is working to return the commission to a position of advocacy. Waldheim attends more than 200 meetings each year and has a close working relationship with land management teams for the BLM and the National Forests in California. Virtually all of his activist activities are funded out of his own pocket. Waldheim has been president of the California Off Road Vehicle Association since 1992, during which time membership has tripled and the association has maintained a leading position in the advocacy and education about off-roading sport.

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is located in Reno, Nevada in Gallery. 4 at the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection). ORMHOF has 33 members; 16 inducted in 1976, five more in 1980, six more in 2004, and these additional six inductees in 2005.

RENO, NV (Nov. 10, 2004) – To further preserve and showcase the rich and exciting history of off-roading at both the recreational and competitive levels, the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame has announced plans to create a completely new interactive exhibit at the National Automobile Museum, (the Harrah Collection), in Reno, NV according to off-road legend Rod Hall, chairman of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
The Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) has been established to recognize and honor those individuals and organizations whose lifelong contribution to off-road motorsports has set a standard for others to follow. The scope of view includes a variety of racing venues, design and manufacturing arenas, grassroots clubs, state associations and national organizations.
“Currently, our vision for ORMHOF has developed into a reality,” said Hall, “clearly the tremendous interest in off-roading throughout the United States is testament to the health and vitality of every level of Off-Road Motorsport. We feel confident that manufacturers, businesses, associations, clubs and individuals will find merit in joining us in our next step in building an exhibit that honors the heritage and communicates the excitement of the off-road experience.”
The ORMHOF is proud to be an integral part of the famed National Automobile Museum, which includes the William F. Harrah collection of historic vehicles. It ranks in the top ten auto museums by Car Collector magazine. It is populated with over 220 cars, ranging from 1892 to present, all are authenticated and many are rare or one-of-a-kind vehicles. More than 100,000 visitors enjoy the legendary museum each year. The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in Gallery 4 currently has 3,000 square feet, with the opportunity to expand to 15,000 square feet.
The new exhibit design concept calls for dramatically suspended vehicles, vehicles in various terrains including washes and granite boulders, an interactive theater, a racing mural, and a family camping setting. The projected cost of the new exhibit configuration would be approximately $1 million dollars.
Hall explained that off-road items and vehicles may be loaned to the museum. He said items of historical significance in a number of categories are needed now to assist with the development of new exhibits for the current facility and to facilitate the development of the many exhibits planned for the future.
Since 1974, the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame has inducted 27 legends including Parnelli Jones, Steve McQueen, James Garner, Don Francisco and Walker Evans. Hall said the board of directors has again called for nominations of candidates for induction at the annual induction ceremony set to be held in June 2005. Nomination procedures, criteria and applications can be found at www.ormhof.com.
The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, a non-profit 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization, provides a platform for sponsors to expand their recognition throughout the diverse world of off-road motorsports. Based on sponsor’s monetary commitment and strategic goals, sponsorships may include onsite placements, media placements, collateral placements and additional opportunities.

Reno, Nevada: On April 27th, the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) voting committee assembled for the first time in 28 years to review nominees for 2004 induction into ORMHOF. The nominations, which were submitted through a variety of groups, associations, sanctioning bodies, and event promoters from the off-road community throughout the US, were reviewed by a voting committee which included members from Off-Road Racing, 4-Wheeling, Rally and Sand Sports. There were six individuals inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame for 2004 and they are:

Herman H. Booy: Sand Sports. Known throughout Sand Sports as the "Abominable Sandman", Herman has been instrumental in every aspect of Sand Sports as a builder, driver, promotor and innovator since the early sixties. A long-time resident of San Jacinto, Cailf., Herman has worked as a builder and mechanic for Roger Mears and Larry Minor, among others. He developed paddle tires for use in sand racing, built a long list of winning sand buggies and Jeeps and worked with sanctioning bodies to standardize the rules for Sand Drag racing. Herman also drove hilllclimbs and sand drags and is named in the Guiness Book of World Records as the top speed record holder on sand over a 100 yard distance.

Carla Boucher: 4-Wheeling. Carla is a the president of Tidewater Four-wheelers, a FWD club based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Although Carla has been actively involved in local club activity since driving her first fourwheel drive vehicle in 1981, it is her many accomplishments as a land-use attorney for the United Four Wheel Drive Associations that brought her to the attention of the voting committee. While the list of Carla's contributions to OHV access and recreational use is too lengthy to detail in a press release, it is safe to say that if you use public lands for just about any purpose, she has had a hand in protecting your right to access those lands. Carla has done much of this work pro bono having donated thousands of hours of her time to the United Four Wheel Drive Associations and the OHV community at large.

John Buffum: Pro Rally. A legend in professional Rally Racing, John Buffum is the most successful Pro Rally driver in history with 117 National Event Wins and 11 SCCA Series Championships including an undefeated season in 1987. Buffum is also the only American Rally driver to ever win a European Championship event winning the 1983 Sachs Rally in Germany and followed that up by winning the Cyprus Rally in 1984. After retiring as a full time driver in 1988, his Colchester, Vermont based Libra Racing continues winning championships, taking the SCCA PRO Rally series seven times in Buffum-prepared and managed Audi Quattro S-2, Hyundai Elantra, and Hyundai Tiburon vehicles with Paul Choiniere at the wheel.

Jean Calvin: Journalist. Jean Calvin passed away in 1997 from complications surrounding injuries she received while racing in the 1989 Baja 500. She was a fierce competitor and entered her first off-road race at the 1969 Mint 400. Jean also was a regular entry in the Western Rally series, SCCA Pro-Rally and spent 20 years racing in SCORE, HDRA and SNORE races, in buggies. In the 70’s Jean was an associate editor with Peterson’s Sports Car Graphic Magazine, freelanced for Hot VW’s Mag. and put out SCORE News for the members of SCORE International for some years. In 1983, Jean put out the first issue of Dusty Times, a monthly publication which covered offroad racing around the country and rally racing around the world. In no time, Dusty Times became the bible of offroad racing and every racer would seek her out after the race to let her know how they did. There was no one quite like Jean. She loved off-road motorsports and the people in it. From the time she suffered the accident in 1989 until her death in 1997, she went through a tremendous amount of pain and suffering personally, but the Dusty Times always met the deadline. We honor Jean Calvin not only for her many accomplishments but for her courage and her spirit.

Edward W. Dunkley: Four Wheeling. As a member of the California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs for 41 years, Ed Dunkley helped mold the CA4WDC into the organization that it is today. He was a major influence in the formation of the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation. Ed started the Sacramento Jeepers in 1958, the Hi Rock Trekkers in the early 80’s and several other clubs, all active in event management and land use issues to this day. Ed was the founder of numerous successful events including the CA4WDC, Sierra Trek, the Lassen-Applegate Wagon Historic Trail 4WD Tour, and the Winter Fun Fest, an event which draws well over 600 participants every year. He attended all of the Government Land Use meetings where he spoke up for 4-wheelers everywhere. It is because of dedicated people like Ed Dunkley that we still have trails open today. Ed past away in 2001.

Walker Evans: Off-Road Racing. Known to off-road racing fans as "the Legend", Walker Evans career spans 35 years and there is little doubt that he has been one of the most exciting and successful drivers in off-road racing. Winner of 144 victories and 21 championships in Desert and Closed Course events, Walker won the Baja 1000 five times and was the first driver to ever win the event overall in a truck. Walker began his off-road racing career in 1969 driving for James Garner’s AMC Team in a Rambler sedan. After finishing third he "got serious about off-road racing”, began building off-road trucks in his Riverside, California shop and started winning races. In addition to his phenomenal success in the desert, Walker achieved considerable success in the now defunct, Mickey Thompson Stadium Series (MTEG) and took 31 class wins and two championships in the Midwestern short course SODA Series from 1986 to 1997. In his last two years in off-road racing, Walker added 5 wins in the Championship Off-Road Racing Series to his already illustrious career and capped it off with the COOR Pro-4 Championship in 1999. Although Evans retired from off-road racing in 2000, he continues to win in Rock Crawling events, which he enters on occasion.

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is located in Reno, in building four at the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection). ORMHOF has 21 original members, 16 inducted in 1976 and Five more in 1980. On June 26, 2004 there will be an Induction Ceremony at the National Auto Museum, in Reno, to honor this year's six new inductees, bringing the total number of ORMHOF members to 27.



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